Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

This is going to be the cover for the CD. Im going to get it printed better than I have for the prsentation becuase I ran out of time but it looks fine. I'm also goign to put seperate pictures inside the case, just some of my favourite shots, these are the ones I've chosen:
Thinking about the text in the film (the title and credits), I wanted something scratchy and rough so I traced over printouts of the words in Baskerville Old Face.
The marks come out differently on different sizes, I liked the largest size best becuase I ended up being messier.

Sunday, 1 June 2008


It's going quite well so far I think although I wold have preferred to have more footage for the end of the film. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it - I think the main problem here is that I didnt plan it thoroghly enough. These are some of the shots from the film so far:

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Filming over!

Finished the filming today, think it went well, There were some very nice shots - especially the ones we did inside where I could control the lighting. It was surprisingly easy to work wth someone else - I don't know whether this was becuase Lauras my friend anyway, or shes used to working with people like that but I found it quite encoraouraging - I was dreading working with someone!
This is for one of the where I'm chasing her down the road. Obviously we were very careful and we were in the safe hands of our stunt driver.

This is the carefully constructed and thorough filming plan:

Monday, 26 May 2008

I'm deciding to use Blue Orchid by The White Stripes, its got a very clear, constant beat and I think it's a very exciting song! I'm finding it alot easier to imagine how the video might look and type of movements I want now. Christoph Stoltenburg said to me that I have got to plan EVERYTHING out exactly and you've got to be able to just tell people what to do becuase you know whats got to be done which I thought was good advice however I didn't have an actuall idea of what I wanted to shoot.
This is a rough plan, looking at the structure of the song.

These are some rough storyboards so I've got bit more of a clue on wednesday:

Planning the Shoot.............

I'm planning on filming on the 28th and 29th, this week. Me and Laura are going to Jo's derelict mushroom farm. These are some photos of around the farm to explain why I got so excited:

I've been trying to find potential songs I could use. I want something quite rocky, lively, lots of guitar. I want to use somthing that isnt instantly associated with dance (more classical instrumentals), I've also been looking at songs with singing in them - I havn't seen many examples of dace films which use songs with lyrics in then (see Still You by Mijke Dejong). Having a song with singing in it will make it seem more like a music video rather than a dance video, which is what I want becuase the people I'm going to be showing will be more familiar wth this format, therefore, wont be put off by something they think they wont understand (which is the reaction I normally get when I talk to people about dance).

These are some of the songs I've narrowed it down to:

Secret Eyes Fear of Flying

Stranded The Mutts

Eyes Only The Cherubs

Blue Orchid, Seven Natin Army and The Denial Twist The White Stripes

Break on Through The Doors

Baby The Drones

Uncle Johnny The Killers

I Feel You Depeche Mode

These are just some vague ideas of what I might to include:

Friday, 23 May 2008

Idea 2

I've found a dancer now (one of my friends in the end) for my main idea, I just wish I did earlier becuase she really wants to work on this collaboration. Shes a dance teacher at the Laban Contemporary Dance school. She's interested in combining contemporary dance with parkour (this is where I know her from).

She said something that I found interesting; she doesn't enjoy videos of dance becuase she keeps expecting the dancers to stop dancing and speak as in normal films. I would really like to experiment with using some sort of dialogue in the peice - whether that be words from a poem or just the dancer talking to me. I've got to avoid it seeming too casual though - I dont want to just show two freinds out somewhere having a chat whilst one of them is dancing!

Thinking about the parkour influences we want to include, I was thinking about suitable locations we could film. I can organise t film in one of my friends barns (yes, one of my freinds has a barn!) with electricity in it so I can control the lighting. I'm also gong to have a look along the Thames at the industrial areas and docks for anywhere around there. I want a very cold, industrial look to contrast with the movemets the dancer will be making. Also, there will be oppurtunities for some parkour-ness to go on if it has interesting surroundings.